Saturday, January 28, 2012

No More Junk

Now that I am through with school I've noticed I have more time to ponder things that drive me nuts. One of these is the sheer amount of crap a lot of people buy. We have been cleaning our house one closet and drawer at a time and it is astonishing how much poorly made junk we have purchased.

For the next year I plan to only buy quality items made in the USA. No more cheap junk. No more not-so-cheap items that were made on the other side of the globe and shipped here. The goal is to look a little harder for quality items that were made as close to home as possible in a humane work environment.

I am not quite ready to commit to extending this to food items. I really like South American wine and chocolate, European cheese, Mediterranean olive oil and coffee/tea.

As a note of comparison, the things on me and around me right now:
  • jeans - made in Colombia
  • shirt - made in Mexico
  • tank top - made in Cambodia
  • underwear - made in Cambodia
  • shoes - made in China
  • coffee mug - made in China
  • computer - made in Mexico
  • cell phone - could not determine country of origin
  • lip balm - made in China

Let's see how this goes. This may be a bit of a challenge!


  1. It is! Point us to the good stuff!!

  2. I feel like quoting Barney Stinson - "Challenge Accepted" Good luck!