Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 3

I am thankful for:
  1. Wildlife. It is amazing how much wildlife we see even in the middle of Austin. Our apartments are on the Barton Creek greenbelt so I’ve seen raccoons, a coyote, a coral snake, and a possum.
  2. Volunteer Opportunities. I have been so rewarded by volunteering walking shelter dogs and mentoring. Both can be a challenge, but are worth it. Dog shelters are incredibly smelly and loud places (no matter how well run) and the dogs can be unpredictable. Mentoring kids from various backgrounds is hard because it is difficult to measure progress and sometimes the kids seem indifferent. Both are worth it!
  3. A Supportive Spouse. It is amazing to have a spouse that is positive. I believe everything works out as it should, but sometimes it helps to have someone remind you.
  4. Pasta. I love Italian food and there is nothing quite so wonderful as homemade pasta and pasta sauce.
  5. Air Travel. I have some flight anxiety (mainly related to inclement weather while flying).  However, without air travel my opportunities would be greatly diminished. Plus seeing the earth from the air is a map maker’s dream come true!
  6. Abundance. I have never lacked anything in my life. I’ve always had choices of food and clothes. I’ve always had access to medical care. I’ve always had a nice clean, safe place to live. I am blessed.
  7. Scotch. A good single malt scotch is a pleasure to enjoy on a cold winter night (I hardly touch it during the warmer months). While I have not noticed striking differences between a good $15 bottle of wine and the pricier bottles, quality aged scotch is worth the money.
  8. Air Conditioning. I think most businesses could stand to run the AC much less or at a higher temperature, but I would not want to do without air conditioning during Texas summers. During the day I could tolerate it, but it is so hard to get a good night’s rest when you are hot and sticky.
  9. Visual media. I am going to lump photography, art, and film all together in this category. These arts enrich my life in many ways. Visual media can be inspiring, thought provoking, beautiful, or just plain entertaining. Through visual media I have gained knowledge and insight that the written word alone could never convey.
  10. Coffee. A cup of coffee in the morning is a great way to start the day. I prefer black, unflavored, medium to dark roast (half decaf/half caffeinated).

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